Riding the Magic Horse

my story and guide on how to achieve your own

Magic Horse

A book written by Liz White

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The tale of the Magic Horse...

"I'm Liz White, better known as Mrs. White by the hundreds of children and adults who have learnt to ride at Riverside Equestrian Centre on the banks of the Brisbane River at Moggill, on the outskirts of Brisbane City, Australia.  I grew up on a remote family farm in northern New South Wales. In this remote bush setting, most of my schooling in post war rural Australia was by correspondence, and my main companions were the horses that we relied on as work animals in the 1940's.

This book starts with an account of my childhood where I learnt to understand and communicate with horses. It goes on to share my sometimes radical ideas and insights developed through a lifetime of riding and training these amazing creatures. The training guides, tips and tricks in this book aim to help riders at all levels discover the extraordinary link between horse and rider, that will enable them one day to ride their own magic horse."

Riding the Magic Horse Book
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Perfect for riders of all levels and ages.

Liz has worked with problem horses her entire life. Her unique and successful methods will enable you to not only develop your training knowledge but allow you to grow into a wiser, more correct and connected rider.


Very foundational key lessons to become an effective rider and to train your own horses effectively. Super tips.
— Mary Seefried
FEI5* Judge, Former Equestrian Australia Chairperson and selected Judge for Rio 2016.

Result Stories, a must read.